BSNL brings to its esteemed customers CDMA Mobile Service, with excellent coverage and voice quality. When you take BSNL CDMA Mobile Connection, you get  voice, SMS, 1X data, EVDO data, STD, ISD etc services. Some of the features of CDMA mobile service are:
  • Clarity of Call
  • Strong Network coverage
  • Reach us Anytime Anywhere
  • UMS / Voice Mail
  • SMS (Short Messaging Service)
Clarity of Call
Enjoy the Excellent Voice quality on BSNL CDMA Network with PAN India coverage except Delhi and Mumbai. BSNL CDMA Network Coverage is also available in remote and rural areas extensively.

Strong Network Coverage
Enjoy complete clarity when calling with BSNL CDMA Mobile world-class technology and unbreakable network coverage that spans all over India except Delhi & Mumbai.

Reach us anytime anywhere
In case you need assistance, dial '1502' - our number, accessible from anywhere in the country except Delhi & Mumbai . You can also contact our Customer service Centers (CSC) span all over the India.

UMS / Voice Mail
When your handset is switched off, or you are too busy to answer the phone, BSNL Voicemail will answer your calls and record a message. The best part is that there's no extra monthly cost for setting up Voicemail - you just pay for the phone call when you use the service.

SMS (Short Messaging Service)
Send messages quickly and easily using text, if it's too noisy to talk or you don't have much time. It's the way to share those interesting one-liners, important reminders and rib-tickling jokes, with anyone, anytime, anywhere in the world.

BSNL offers CDMA Mobile services in Postpaid as well as Prepaid.

Salient feature of Postpaid BSNL CDMA Mobile>
Easy Billing
Enjoy a host of rich features only with BSNL CDMA bill. You can view your monthly bill with call details for last three months on demand at our customer service centre. Sort your calls between personal and official or analyze your usage. To change your tariff plan simply give a request at our CSC. You can also contact on Toll Free no 1502 for any billing query.

Easy Payment Options
You can choose from a host of convenient payment options only with BSNL CDMA Mobile. Walk into any BSNL customer service centre and make your payments by cash, credit card or by cheque .

Credit limit
Your pre-set credit limit mentioned on your monthly bill helps you keep your mobile charges in control, keeps track of your usage and ensures that your mobile phone is not misused. Should you exceed your credit limit, you will be informed via a voice or a non-voice message to make an interim payment and reduce your account balance below your credit limit.

Widest Roaming - National and International
BSNL roaming service allows you to stay connected and use your mobile phone to make or receive calls from almost anywhere in India.

Data services
All BSNL CDMA mobile connections are data enabled. Data service is also available during roaming.

Salient feature of Prepaid BSNL CDMA Mobile
Pre activated Voice's, Data, STD and ISD
BSNL CDMA mobile connection comes with Voice, SMS, Data, STD and ISD. No more paying deposits or having a minimum balance in your account to make an STD/ISD call.

Total Cost Control
You can control your BSNL CDMA Prepaid like never before. No more rentals or deposits simply recharge as much as you need to from as low as Rs. 10.In Prepaid different unlimited plans like Local Azadi, STD Azadi & Annual Azadi etc. are available.

No Monthly Bill
You can control your CDMA Prepaid like never before. No more rentals or deposits simply recharge as much as you need.

General / Life Time Plans
BSNL CDMA prepaid mobile comes in two Plan General Plan and Life Time Plan. In both the plans you have the options to choose from per second plan, per minute plan, Local unlimited Plan,National Unlimited Plan , Annual Azadi and other attractive charging plans through various STVs (Special Tariff Vouchers). Click following link to know more Easy Balance and Validity Enquiry
Your account balance is updated at the end of each call. You can also call 123 from your mobile phone and listen to the voice announcement or simply dial *123#, press 'OK' or 'YES' button and your account balance will come as SMS.

Ease of Recharge
A variety of Recharge Vouchers are available to suit your need. The Electronic Recharge / Easy recharge is also extensively available in all cities /towns and rural areas. Top Up and Flexi top up (Any amount top up) makes life easy.If you are using physical recharge voucher, just dial 123 from your mobile and follow the IVR

Prepaid Roaming
BSNL CDMA Prepaid comes preactivated with 'National Roaming except Delhi & Mumbai ', so you stay connected no matter wherever you are. You can also send or receive SMS, check your email using 1X / EVDO data while roaming in India as you would in your own city.

FAQ on CDMA services

Q1 What is the full form of CDMA?
Ans. Code Division Multiple Access.

Q2. What is the full form of IFWT?
Ans. Integrated Fixed Wireless Terminal.

Q3. What is the full form of EVDO.
Ans. Evolution Data Only / Evolution Data Optimised.

Q4.Which type of services are provided using CDMA technology?
Ans. Full Mobility and Limited Mobility - In both segments, postpaid and prepaid Voice(including SMS, voice mail) and Data services are provided.

Q5. What is fixed WLL services?
Ans This is a service provided using fixed wireless terminal. The fixed wireless terminal(FWT / IFWT) is provided with indoor type or outdoor type antenna depending upon the location of premises keeping in view the strength of the radio signal to be transmitted and received.

Q6. What is CDMA limited mobility services?
Ans Limited mobility means providing service within one SDCA. In a SDCA(Short distance charging area), the limited mobility subscriber can roam any where and make / receive calls.

Q7. What is CDMA full mobility services?
Ans. Full mobility means providing services intra and inter circle. In intra circle voice services, no roaming charges are applicable. However in inter circle voice services, roaming charges are applicable.

Q.8 What is RUIM.
Ans. It is a CDMA SIM, just like SIM in GSM network. The full form is Removable User Identity Module / Re-Usable Identification Module.

Switching over from one phone model to another has never been easier. Now the process has become quite simple with the advent of Re-Usable Identification Module, also called RUIM card (R-UIM). An RUIM card is a removable ID chip for cellular phones made for the Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) network. It stores the user's personal information such as name and account number, cell phone number, phone book, text messages and other settings.

To switch over to another phone, all that you need to do is remove the RUIM card and slip it into another card-enabled phone. What's more, you will be able to make and receive calls on the new phone under the same account without having to go through the carrier for activation. For instance, you can have several phones and switch between them or borrow a phone from your friend to make a call with your own RUIM card. You can even switch to another carrier and keep your old phone - the new carrier would simply issue a new RUIM card to use in your existing phone. You should only ensure that the phone is unlocked and compatible with the frequency band of the new carrier.

The idea of an RUIM card might be new to those who have had cellular service with a CDMA carrier. But this concept has been in vogue for some time now in the technology called Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM), which is popular in Europe and most countries outside of North America. This technology has a much larger overall share in the world market. GSM phones use a card similar to RUIM card, called Subscriber Identity Module or 'SIM' card. The SIM cards and RUIM cards will be interchangeable in phones, thereby allowing the consumer maximum flexibility.

An RUIM card would make CDMA more attractive to consumers and also open the door to better roaming between CDMA and GSM networks, thereby allowing the best possible global coverage for all cellular customers.

Q9. What are the terminals for accessing internet?
Ans For accessing EVDO services - EVDO data card is used. For accessing 1X data service, either NIC card or IFWT/FWT having internet facility is used.

Q10. What is the speed of data service.
Ans. It depends upon the type of data service subscribed. In case of EVDO service are subscribed then download speed may be upto 3.1Mbps. In case, 1X data service subscribed then down load speed may be up to 153.6 kbps. However, the maximum down load speed depends upon many parameters like distance from the tower, geographical area, traffic etc.

Q11. What is the coverage of EVDO service?
Ans EVDO coverage is available in many cities across India . However, where EVDO coverage is not available and normal 1X data coverage is available, the data device may be switched on to 1X mode.

Q12. What happens in case of power failure?
Ans The FWT/ IFWT has built in battery backup. It takes care of power failure for limited duration.

Q13. Whether CDMA handsets are available in open market.
Ans Yes. Various reputed companies handsets are available in open market at very reasonable price.

Q14. Is GSM handset may be utilized for CDMA service and vice versa?
Ans No. GSM handset can not be used for CDMA services and vice versa. As both the technologies are different, therefore different handsets are required for both technologies. However dual band handsets are also available in the market which can be used both for CDMA as well as GSM technology.

Q15. Does CDMA support 10 digit mobile numbers as in GSM.
Ans. Yes. In CDMA full mobility services, 10 digit mobile numbers are provided to the subscribers. The CDMA SIM is called RUIM.

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