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About Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Telecom Training Centre

    Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Telecom Training Centre (NSCBTTC) was established on 3rd Aug 1981 at Kalyani, West Bengal, by Department of Telecommunications, Govt of India, as a Regional Telecom Training Centre (RTTC). As an in-house training institution of DOT, NSCBTTC has groomed the Indian talent in the telecom sector for the last three decades. As a catalyst for the assimilation of new technologies, equipment or methods inducted into the Telecom sector, NSCBTTC has serviced the complete training requirement. Be it the recharging of existing professional workforce with the new expertise or be it simply the dissemination and interaction of new ideas, or be it the modeling of naive academics into responsible and complete professionals, ability to handle any complex field of assignments, When BSNL was formed in 1st October 2000, the training center also came under the fold of the BSNL. With the liberalization and convergence paradigms, NSCBTTC is ready and equipped for its competitive role in the near future when the training demands expand and reshape along with the explosive growth of Telecom and IT sector. The strength of NSCBTTC lies in its rich and sprawling campus, robust material infrastructure, and exceptionally talented, trained, qualified and highly motivated human resource pool. Well qualified, trained and experienced officers are posted as faculty to impart knowledge & skill.

    NSCBTTC s role has been vital and cardinal. NSCBTTC imparts training in modern Telecommunication Engineering, Information Technology, and Management to BSNL employees as well as external candidates. This institute is equipped with state-of-the-art telecom technology laboratories, like- Battery Bank & Power Plant Lab, GSM Lab(BTS, TCU, BSC, MSC-VLR), CDMA Lab (BTS, BSC, MSC-VLR), CCN Lab, Antenna Lab, OFC Lab, Digital Microwave Lab, VSAT, PDH(34Mbps/ 140Mbps), SDH (ADM-4 rings), NG-SDH(Tejas/ Semiconductor), ADM-4 rings, Managed Lease Line Network Lab, C-DOT Lab, OCB Lab (Alcatel), EWSD (Siemens), External Plant lab, Broadband lab ( DSLAM, OCLAM Switches, RPR Switches, OLT, Ethernet to E1 Converter, Ethernet to STM1 converter), Computer Lab, Router Lab, IPv6 Lab, Networking Lab, Enterprise Resource Planning Lab (SAP).

    Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Telecom Training Centre is spread over 12 acres campus near Kalyani Simanta Railway Station in the district of Nadia about 55 Kms from Kolkata. It is well linked to Sealdah Railway Station (by local train), Howrah Railway Station (by local train via Bandel-Naihati), Mogra (HWH-BWN Main Line) Railway Station (by bus) & Dharmatala (by bus). The lovely campus houses the academic - cum - administrative block, two hostels for accommodation of 200 trainees, eight staff quarters, Inspection quarter, play grounds and beautiful gardens, Gym, indoor & outdoor games facility. It is under the technical control of BRBRAITT, Jabalpur, and administrative control of Kolkata-TD, BSNL and headed by DGM (Trg). We strive for continuous betterment through collective endeavor.

Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Telecom Training Center
Simanta Buddha Park Connector
Block B
Kalyani, West Bengal 741235

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